Artwork by Hanka Spychalska

Artwork by Hanka Spychalska

Artwork by Hanka Spychalska

Hi, my name is Hanka and I live in Poland.

I would be very happy to win the online drawing course, because I didn’t attend to any kind of art school or course as I was discouraged by my arts teacher in primary school. Since then I’ve learned everything on my own by infrequent practice.

I draw mostly portraits in pencil. I would like to try something new, but I’m not sure how to start. I don’t have anyone to turn to for professional advice, and I would like to learn more about all the various tools and techniques.

What I like most about portraits is drawing the fine details of the face, especially wrinkles. Hair is the most difficult thing for me, so I prefer drawing bald heads.

I will keep my story short because I’m currently drawing a portrait of Tom Selleck and must get back to work to finish it – or else my husband won’t give me dinner ;).

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  1. Krzysiek says:

    I am really impressed, it’s a great drawing, I’m sure it demanded lots of work and patience. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Hanka. :-)

  2. Hans says:

    Fantastic light and shading. Nice work with gaining different textures: skin, cloth, hair…
    Good luck!

  3. Yuki says:

    Very impressive!!
    Can’t believe you haven’t learned this skills academically! You are very talented:-)

  4. YeonJung Kim says:

    Great drawing, I have to say I’m impressed! Hope this artist gets a chance to pursue his career further.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Here’s my vote, Hanka!
    You should really get to do more of this – thank you for sharing, wow :-) .


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