Artwork by Govind

Artwork by Govind

The Elephant God

Hello, my name is Govind and I am from India.

I simply love to paint and draw. Even though I don’t have any art education, I try to improve my drawings by studying other artists’ works. Though there are many favorite artists, I am deeply inspired by Michelangelo and Van Gogh. I too want to paint realistic and proportionate paintings.

It is my greatest wish to learn most I can regarding different art forms and mediums. I din’t know where to begin to improve my drawing skills. And one day I saw the Drawing Academy website. I believe that basics need to be strong and we should be able to draw what we see or imagine as it is. I believe I can become a good artist with Drawing Academy’s help.

Artwork by Govind

There are no words that can describe the feeling I have when I draw. For me, that is when I truly forget time, and am sure anyone, artist or not, if they have drawn anything will agree with me that it simply expresses what we feel. Hence that’s why I am looking forward to win this competition so that I too can draw whatever I feel.I love ART.

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