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Artwork by Deborah Battle

My New Found Love For Art

I am a disabled veteran. I stopped working in 2004. I started drawing again because I did not want to just sit around doing nothing. I started drawing when I was in the fourth grade.

I am currently working on the last year of school for Doctor of Ministry. It is my hope that once I am finished with school, I want to take some art classes. I plan to finish by September.

In high school I took art in the tenth and eleventh grades. I signed up for twelfth grade art class. I felt that I was not as good as a couple of other students and I dropped it.

What I want to get out of art classes are to improve my sketching, learn how to paint, charcoal, and ink. I can sit down and do artwork and I loose track of time. I really enjoy it very much.

Artwork by Deborah Battle

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