Artwork by Debora Meggyesi

Artwork by Debora Meggyesi

Drawing is my passion

My name is Debora, I’m 42. I live in Serbia. I have been drawing since my childhood.

Drawing is my passion. In high school I learned the principles of architectural drawing, descriptive geometry and perspective. I’m also familiar with the history of architecture. The freehand drawing classes in high school were held by an architect. We were drawing buildings and still life compositions with a single graphite pencil or black ink, always from life.

The biggest challenge for me is drawing people and animals. I was searching for books and videos about drawing portraits, but most of them offered information about drawing from photographs and working with specific materials.

Then I found the Drawing Academy. I read your articles and watched the free videos. I’m not satisfied with drawing from photographs. I would like to be able to draw people and animals from life, and I realised that I need the knowledge of anatomy. I share your opinion about modern and classical fine art. I never understood modern art, but always admired classical art and architecture. I see that my artwork brings joy to the people around me, and I want to learn to draw in a more professional way. I’m a working mother of three teenagers, so my time and money are very limited. That’s why I want to win.

Artwork by Debora Meggyesi

Please vote for me, because this course would be the perfect way for me to get the knowledge I need so much. Thank you for reading, thank you for voting.

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