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Artwork by David Haynos

Artwork by David Haynos

One Perfect Tear

Hello fellow artists!

My name is David, I am a 28 year old student of Classics and History in Germany.

As a child I was terrible at art and thought that only those with natural talent could draw. In school art projects were frustrating because no matter how hard I tried whatever I drew or painted always looked terrible – so I gave up trying and contented myself with doing the bare minimum.

After finishing school I had the chance to visit Rome and enjoy the beautiful paintings of Raphael, Carravaggio, and Michaelango (my particular favourite). I became extremely interested in portraits and drawing the human form. I bought myself a few books on art and started with sketching from photographs. I became fairly proficient at copying and would trace or measure everything I drew.

I took a few drawing classes, but was always disappointed by the content or the subjective way art was presented. It seemed I was always learning one technique or another, but never really the basic fundamentals of drawing.

I came across the Drawing Academy course, the Web Art Academy along with the Anatomy Master Class about three years ago by googling “classical art school online”. I was immediately taken by the classical approach to fine art education and the supportive online community.

Being as I’ve learned to draw from copying and tracing I still struggle with being able to draw from life, imagination and memory. Proportion and balance are also two things that I find particularly challenging. Mastering these subjects and the chance to join a classical art community is what I hope to gain from Drawing Academy course.

Art is and will always be my passion! A story to be told for the eye to enjoy! I hope to win the Drawing Academy course in order to continue my learning of portrait drawing and painting in the tradition of the Old Masters.

I hope to have the support of your vote for my portrait done in dry brush (a technique I recently discovered).

All the best, and a thank you to the Drawing Academy for the opportunity of participating!

Artwork by David Haynos

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