Artwork by Dale B.

Artwork by Dale B.

How long do I fight

I am an older individual returning to my artistic leanings after 25+ years in the computer industry. I enjoy researching artistic mediums and understanding the basis for mediums, pigments and methods.

Art is a means for me to express my ideas, mechanically, artistically and humanly.

I fight with proportion and scale. Often I draw or paint something like I see it and don’t scale it properly within the drawing space.

I am hoping to learn how to set my pencil down in the drawing space without fighting for hours the correct proportions needed to get it to “look right”. I am also hoping to learn how to draw clothed street figures as I observe them understanding the proportions needed to put them in proper space.

After observation of various e-mails and the website it appears the Drawing Academy trains an individual in “classical” drawing techniques in perspective, proportion and rendering the human figure.

Artwork by Eddie Navarrete

I want to win the Drawing Academy course to further my study in drawing methods, drawing individuals and portraits.

I currently have to leave university training because I no longer have funds to attend. I’d like to win the course so I can fill the gaps and complete my drawing and painting education. It will help me express my ideas as well as enhance my painting on pottery.

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