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Artwork by Chinazo Okeke

Artwork by Chinazo Okeke

Live my dream

I am Chinazo Okeke, 25, and I am a medical doctor living in Nigeria.

I’ve always loved to draw as a hobby. Art is a passion of mine, but it has had to take second place because I was pursuing becoming a doctor.

I have challenges with drawing from my imagination, getting proportions right, and I have only just begun to explore oil painting and coloured pencil drawing.

I basically learnt how to draw portraits on my own and have never really had the opportunity to take proper art classes even though I really wanted to.

I was only allowed to stay for a day when I enrolled once, because I was wearing trousers as a woman.

I really want to be able to create beautiful art using different techniques, and not just copying from pictures. I would love to learn to paint properly, with oil, acrylics, coloured pencils, such that I can exhibit my work, and have truly created something worthwhile.

Drawing Academy has such a wide range of topics which I think has helped so many people to improve their artistic skills. I think it’s a great opportunity for people who otherwise would not be able to take classes and improve.

I really want to win the Drawing Academy course because I know that I will be taught new and interesting ways to make beautiful art which can be displayed. I know that I will be able to express myself much better through my art.

Please please vote for me because this is a rare opportunity for me to learn and to finally become a proper artist. This is the push that I’ve always needed to take my art a few good steps further and in the right direction.

I have depicted visually a scene from a book that is part of my heritage and culture. Vote for me and in I will be able to make a much better version of it.

Artwork by Chinazo Okeke

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  1. baremoi says:

    Your passion for art which has been evident from when I first met you has to push you to victory. Kudos!

  2. Chidex says:

    Well done Chinaza! It’s good to see that people are still enthusiastic about arts and drawing. May God grant you victory.

  3. Ifeanyi Anigbogu says:

    I’m astounded by your beautiful artwork Nazo, and such talented people like you need to be celebrated. WELLDONE!!

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