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Artwork by Balkrishna E.

Artwork by Balkrishna E.


For as long as I remember, I loved to draw. In high school, I received an award for my artwork from a great Indian classical dancer and film star, Waheeda Rehman. After high school, I wished to join Sir J. J. School of Arts, Bombay, but could not pursue my love of art as I had to struggle for my livelihood by taking some other job, which continued till my retirement. After my retirement, I attended some private classes and started painting. Since then, I felt my life more meaningful and satisfying. Now I paint for my own pleasure and to satisfy my soul. Beauty appeals to me in everything I see. I fall in love with any beautiful subject/object; for, I feel, a thing of beauty is a joy for ever! And I believe, art flows from the heart.

I exhibited my paintings in a Fine Arts Festival, a Public Library, and an Arts Council. I received much appreciation from the viewers though no painting got sold. Even then, I feel, I do not know even one percent of how to draw and paint. I therefore wish to be an art student to learn properly from the fundamental basics to advanced levels. I am nearing 73, but I wish to paint as long as I live.

I painted the Sunflower, 16 x 20, in oil, highlighting its mesmerizing Fibonacci effect. I had to apply more than 3,500 times the paint with the tip of the brush in the middle portion of the sunflower. Though laborious, I feel happy whenever I see its effect.

Art takes the primary place in my life. From my childhood I was enchanted by the beauty in art and sculpture. Old Masters’ paintings and sculptures are challenging for me. I would like to learn portrait drawing and painting, After going through several websites, finally I got convinced that I can learn properly from the basics to the advanced levels from the Drawing Academy.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course as I wish to be an art student but can’t afford to pay the fees as I have no income.

I think, people should vote for me if they, too, feel my Sunflower painting as mesmerizing as I feel.

Artwork by Balkrishna E

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