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Artwork by Antoinette Apondi

Artwork by Antoinette Apondi

Self Esteem from your artworks

Hello, I am Antoinette Apondi from Nairobi, Kenya. I am 23 years of age and I am an artist.

Art is very important in my life because it is what I have ever known since I was a child. I can say that art contributes majorly to my self esteem because once I finish a drawing or painting I feel really good about myself. But recently, despite finishing my pieces I do not really feel as good as I used to because I have realized that I depend too much on photo references and I cannot come up with an artwork from memory and even if it was from life, I will really struggle with the proportions and process of developing it.

From the videos on YouTube I know that Drawing Academy could help me out with this problem, because I am starting to feel like I am not a real artist if I continue drawing from photos!

Drawing Academy has a really nice tune to it and also it offers a lot just from the short video clips posted on YouTube, therefore I know it is a good place for anyone who wants to progress in their art career.

I have decided to participate in Drawing Academy competition because I cannot really afford the course, it is a bit expensive for me especially when converted into Kenyan Shillings and also I am still a student in University and I don’t really have that kind of cash with me. I could not ask for the money from my parents because they can barely afford my tuition fee for the university and also if they could, they are too old school and stubborn to understand that one could pay for a course on the internet and get a better education for a shorter period of time. Trust me I have tried, haha!

Please, please vote for me, I will dedicate my heart, soul and time to this course because I know it will help me move to the next level of my art journey and once again improve on my self worth.

Artwork by Antoinette Apondi


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