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Artwork by Analyn Mauri

Artwork by Analyn Mauri

“Little Divine”

My name is Analyn Mauri.

I love drawing and I have been drawing since I was a toddler. I joined art competitions when I was in my primary and secondary level of education. Back in college, I considered enrolling in fine art school but due to several circumstances, I ended up finishing 2 college courses unrelated to arts. All my art works are self-taught, but I do not regret my decisions. It is just that my strong desire to improve and create more realistic paintings has been haunting me in a good way.

Now I am in my 30’s, I don’t want to waste any more of my time. Thank God the internet and online education is within this era and I have a chance to win the online course that Drawing Academy offers. There is no more turning back and I am excited to create more and more to inspire others as well.

The challenges I face in art is mainly lacking the proper techniques to make it more realistic. Charcoal and pencil have been the medium that I use in shading.

The painting I submitted is painted using an oil medium, however there are several imperfections especially on the sketches and under drawing.

Artwork by Analyn Maur

Drawing Academy offers everything I need and I am very thankful I found this website.

It will be a dream come true if you vote for me to be one of the winners. Improving my drawing not only improves me, but it will add more beauty to life.

Thank you so much!


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