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Artwork by Aditya Gupta

Artwork by Aditya Gupta


Hailing from the capital of India, New Delhi, I am Aditya, a 30 something who is passionate about learning new things, following the self imposed rule of learning 1 new thing well every year since last many years!

Art is very important for me and has been so since childhood, though I never had any formal instruction in it. I have been trying to find opportunities to sketch and paint whenever and learn from masters, apart from earning a living. Now I want to take it to next level.

The major challenges I have in art is to develop a confidence in strokes of pencils and brush, to be able to drawing live and on the spot. I find myself often at a loss at discerning complex light and shade patterns.

I want to be able to learn drawing Human figures and portraits. I want to be able to draw plein air and on the spot. I also want to be able to use watercolors with confidence and no restraint.

Drawing Academy is probably the best of its kind of collected wisdom on this subject available on internet. I found some sample videos so wonderful and motivating. I can’t get to be blessed by the wisdom of a master in person but you are the closest I believe I can get to channel my energies. It’s a great opportunity to hone my skills.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course for the following reasons:
– To develop myself professionally in this field without any restraint.
– To give back to this community as a teacher as that is one of my latent passions.
– To be able to spread this great work in my sphere of influence.
– To be the part of its legacy and continue the same.

I would request people to vote for me so that a potential artist can get to spread his wings and then return back the gift to the community in an impactful manner. I believe that art can change the world for good and want to spread this message through my art.

Artwork by Aditya Gupta

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