Art: My Life and Purpose

Art: My Life and Purpose

Artwork by Mortimer McPherson

Art: My Life and Purpose

Art has become me. I believe that the only true meaning of life is to be found in creation itself.

Everything was created with meaning and for a purpose.

I would love to be able to create that others can appreciate the now, the yesterdays and the people, places, politics, religion which made us, us.

Winning this competition would help me to better develop my skills as a fine artist so that I can pass these skills on to my students and fellow artists. I have taught art for many years and believe there is a need for good art teachers with the requisite skills to make art.

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  1. artisanmac says:

    This work is done on primed cotton duck with oil paint. It is actually a street man I saw in Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica. He looked so alone and forgotten I took his photo and decided to paint him. I wish people would look out for the less fortunate more than we do.

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