Art is a way of survival

Art is a way of survival

Artwork by Sabina Manolache

Sabina Manolache artwork

I believe that art is one of the purest ways of communication. Lines, images, colours can sometimes speak more about a person than a full speech does. Sometimes these two work together in a unified whole to communicate a message in a more genuine way. Art can make the invisible, visible.

One of the most wonderful things for me is to be able to transform that invisible feeling into something that somebody else can also see, it can create a connection between peoples, beyond time or space.

These courses seem to be a great choice for someone who does not have access to an art institution who teaches academic drawing nearby. Starting with the basics, learning how to concentrate and compose one’s self helps one find inner balance is a way to express and organize one’s inner being. Academic drawing has helped me do so, it has helped me find more balance and control over my way of expression and I hope many people who also desire this will be able to do so.

I saw a great T-shirt once . It had a quote on it which said “Art is a way of survival”, and it is. Art can help people find common ground and understanding when sometimes it seems there is none.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” is a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso. I personally had to learn academic drawing and its rigurosity so that I can have a palette of choice regarding having a drawing style of my own. With the help of rigurosity and organisation , one can become more composed , objective and certain about themselves . Whoever feels like they need academic drawing, it might be of help, although for me this was a tough journey in the beginning. I disliked almost every drawing I made when I first started drawing, and it took me a long time to be able to control the way I add strokes on a sheet of paper. But with time, practice and patience like everything in life, it all becomes easier, faster and you get a greater range of choice.

I wish all the best to anyone who desires to go on this artistic path !

“It is better to cry than to die” … is a line that keeps running through my head. That is how at times I saw drawing. I cried inside as I was not able to express that which I saw with my inner eyes, but it was better to cry, to rip a piece of paper, to be angry at my own lack of skill and to continue living. This was a better choice than to harm myself or to harm anyone around me.

Art is a way of living. At least for me.

Image source:
Drawing executed in the year 2014 by Sabina Manolache

Inspiration: Karl Blossfelt photography and plants found in nature

Technique: White pencils on black paper

All love.

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