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The Drawing Academy has a unique Art Community where you can connect with creative people from all corners of the world.

Art Community offers:
1. Fine Art Competitions
2. Publication of Art Articles
3. Ask Tutors Questions
4. Artwork Critiques
5. Art Gallery
6. Student Feedback

It is free and easy to become a community member.

Here is how you can benefit:

By taking part in the Drawing Academy Art Competition you can win the “How to Draw” video course!

All you need to do is submit a photo of your artwork and ask your friends to vote for you. Your friends can comment on your page, “Like” it on Facebook, Tweet about it, Pin it on Pinterest, or give it a “+1” on Google Plus.

Every three months we award the three most socially active and popular artists with the Drawing Academy’s Complete Course. This time it can be you!

You can write your way into the Drawing Academy Course!

This is the most certain way to get the Drawing Course at no cost.

All you have to do is write and publish articles about fine art on the Drawing Academy website.

As a guest writer, you will get a lifetime access to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month of the Drawing Course when you publish 5, 10 or 15 articles, respectively.

This is also the great way to upgrade your Drawing Academy membership free of charge.

Ask Tutors Questions

Learn about art and drawing by asking questions that could benefit everyone.

Take advantage of direct access to the Drawing Academy tutors. If you have any questions about art or drawing, you can benefit from expert advice from professional teachers and fine artists.

This service is free and unlimited. Answers to your questions may be commented on by Academy students and visitors, giving you additional assistance from the Art Community!

There are certain features that are exclusively available to Drawing Academy students.

Student Gallery

As a student, you can benefit from exhibiting your artworks in the Drawing Academy Gallery, and gaining exposure and valuable feedback from fellow students and Academy visitors.

Get your artworks critiqued

You will receive a professional opinion from the tutors and advice on how to improve your art skills. In addition, you will also get comments on your artworks by Drawing Academy Art Community members.

Share your Drawing Academy experience

As a student, you can post your feedback on the Drawing Academy. Share your experience and opinions with Academy tutors, fellow students, and any who are thinking of enrolling in the Drawing Academy.

To fully benefit from the Drawing Academy Art Community, enroll in the Drawing Course today.

The Drawing Academy course offers 45 high-definition “How to Draw” video lessons and multiple bonuses – videos, art books, and albums.

You will learn:

  • How to use various drawing materials
  • Constructive drawing techniques
  • How to draw in perspective
  • How to use golden proportions
  • Human anatomy for artists
  • How to draw portraits and human figures
  • Drawing in various media, including graphite pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, and silverpoint
  • Creative techniques that are not taught anywhere else

The course value is $4,455. However, you can get it for only $257. This tiny price is equivalent to just one cup of coffee per day.

You can spread your payment over three installments of only $97 per month.

After completing the course, you will get the Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name.

Benefit from the Drawing Course and Art Community. Enroll in the Course now!

Enroll in the Drawing Academy Course:
Three Monthly Installments
Pay for the course in 3 easy installments
  • Receive 15 new videos monthly (45 in total)
  • Incredible discount – $4,164
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. Free after the 3rd month
Total cost: $291 USD (3 x $97)

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Complete Course - BEST VALUE
Get all video lessons for a one-time payment
  • Immediate access to all 45 video lessons
  • Incredible discount – $4,198
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. No more payments
Total cost - Only $257 USD

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