A new world of images inside me

A new world of images inside me

Artworks and story by Nicolae Gherasim, Drawing Academy graduate

Nicolae GherasimWell, before starting the Drawing Academy course I was barely able to draw a simple street map for a friend to find an address. After just a few lessons I find myself confident that I can approach certain subjects for my drawings. It was like something new was woken up inside me, something which was there, just sleeping …

I’m an avid black and white photographer and sometimes I desperately wanted to create a certain picture I have in mind, a picture that a camera and Photoshop could not create. That is why I decided to learn drawing.

Beside all of these I surprisingly discovered a certain peace of mind which is coming every time I am starting to observe and draw.

Nicolae Gherasim’s website: www.gherasim.com






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  1. Ronnie Rayner Larter says:

    I think you have done incredibly well for someone who couldn’t draw before taking on the Academy course. Pen and ink is not an easy medium.

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