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Payal Agrawal

Payal Agrawal

“Life is messy, precious, and so very good. Dreams do come true. Love is everywhere.My gratitude is endless. And my heart is finally, beautifully, fully open”

Born in Jalna, MAHARASHTRA. In her youth, she was an athlete of uncommon ability and talent. It seemed that she would take the path of professional Boxing player as she played State Level Championship but silently aside she also participated in many art competitions and art exams. After her H.S.C. She got admission for Bachelor of Architecture in Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women, which has been declared as Asia’s Best Educational Institution. She did Good in her academics but half-hearted spirit has no power. Later in a surprising move decided to pursue an even greater passion art and quite architecture and art journey begins, Payal says.

INSIRATION Maharashtra, my birth land with the diversity of religious beliefs and cultures, the landscapes and the light, the color, the seasons, the sunshine and the intense energy, has influenced my work greatly. Especially my family, the relationships I have with them.I start with just an idea. An idea generated while working on architectural models (college projects) or sitting with my favourite family member (internal emotional rumblings and ideas), or a title of a poem or song, or a quote, or just something someone said. Our home, with the gatherings and celebrations is a constant source of inspiration. I also get inspired by simply splashing paint and colors onto a white canvas and from there images arise and fill my head, the splashing of color mostly transform into figures I am inspired by everything around me.

When he sees me in all and sees all in me,
then i never leave him and he never leaves me.
And he, who in this oneness of Love loves me in whatever he sees,
wherever this man may live,
in truth,
he lives in me.

I’ve admired your work for many years and after close examination, believe your gallery would be a great fit me and my work and I also think that I would be a worthwhile addition to your gallery. I’ve been a devoted artist for 3 years and would like to take the next step in moving my career forward.

Payal Agrawal


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