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Paulette Gautier Classical Realism

Paulette Gautier Classical Realism

Artwork and story by Paulette Gautier

I have loved Art all of my life since I was a little child. My fascination with traditional painting has led me to study the methods and techniques of the old masters. Painting and drawing I could not live without, it is a part of me.

My challenge is mainly promoting myself as an artist.

I feel that even though I have studied art for many years the learning never ends.

What I like about Drawing Academy is the fact that the teachings are based on the Atelier methods techniques that were taught by the old masters to there students in apprenticeship.

I would like to win because I think that this is a very good course for any artist that would like to learn more about traditional realism.

People should vote for me because I am very dedicated and take this profession very seriously, witch is very important if one wants to have a successful career in art.


Paulette Gautier Classical Realism

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