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Drawings by ShinyB_art

Drawings by ShinyB_art

It is time to get serious

Hi to all!

Well, I have had passion for art over my 20 years of living, I even had a small exhibition of paintings at the age of 6 which made me really proud (My parents are very supportive).

At the moment I have some duties that won’t allow me to spend my time improving my art skills, technique etc as much as i want to, but I am sure that the Drawing Academy course can grant exactly that to anyone who is ready to get more serious about their ART.

And let me tell you exactly what I mean, through what “A-R-T” is to me: A-Astuning, R-Reachable (while persisting learning, hard work, and self belief), and T-The end (period). Therefore just get your paper next you, again and again, and once you do that, with the cool understanding that this is all a process of improving your abilities to give this paper of yours some life- you will manage to do so spectacularly more and more over practice.

ART opens our mind and imagination and lets us reach to higher levels of communication (messages/thoughts/emotions) and beauty. I think that improving the skills to do so while getting good feedback is really satisfying. Actually, this is valid to any creation you put your effort into (even a cake).

Anyhow, for me, ART is the most favorite.

Further to that stated, the Drawing Academy course will be my Anchor Point once I finish my duties to really get serious at this Astuning reachable thing, because for me, the e-A-R-T-h without ART is “eh..”

Therefore I’d be more than happy for you to vote me.

Drawings by ShinyB_art

Thanks for your time and support.

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