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Drawing by Margie Menendez

Drawing by Margie Menendez

Artmaking calls


I am 52 and have just begun (6 years?) to do art after taking an icon painting workshop. I am not married and work now in the field of physical therapy, but I work very long hours to make ends meet. Many people have told me I have talent, and the desire to make art has grown to the point where I believe it is a calling. There is a tug on the heart to paint and draw and a free feeling when making art that I have never experienced with anything else in life. I would love to learn how to draw human anatomy correctly or paint without working with a grid or photo. Something inside is yearning to be set loose, but the skills aren’t there.

I believe the Drawing Academy could teach me what I need to know to answer the call to make art professionally.

Drawing by Margie Menendez

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