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Drawing by Fredrika Nel

Drawing by Fredrika Nel

My name is Fredrika Nel. I originally come from South Africa. Two years ago me and my husband moved to Ireland. I am a mother of 3 kids and have 8 grand children.

I love doing all kinds of art but love doing the pencil drawings. I want to go more in to art now that I have the chance. I had no professional training and wish to get professional courses to help me along. I need to get more info on the things that I know and done.

I would like to learn how to draw light at the right angle and shading; how to draw in perspective. I love things to look real.

What I have seen of the Drawing Academy is that there is still much more that I need to know about drawing. Things that I would love the get to know.

If I win this drawing course, I can come much better and enjoy my work much more. I want to strive to do better and better. But I know I still have a lot to learn. If I win that will show me that I have the talent to do professional art work. That is my big Dream.

Drawing by Fredrika Nel

If they give there honest opinion and think my work is worth it. The day they pick me I will believe in myself and definitely have the confidantes to draw more professional.

I always wanted to have a chance to receive professional training. It is one of my dreams in life.

Thanks you very much to Drawing Academy for giving people a chance.

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