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Artwork by Karin Kuilman

First kiss

At the age of 7 I was always drawing, I remember drawing under my granny’s table. At the age of 17 I still liked drawing and went to art school. In the art school it was all about the idea and never about drawing skills. It made me very unsure and after two years I didn’t believe in myself becoming an artist so I became a teacher instead. Than I had a husband and four children and a job and art just was not there anymore.

Now I am 57, my children are on there own, I quit my job and since two years I am drawing again.

I would love to learn the basic rules and all the stuff that art school did not teach, so I can tell my little story’s with my drawings.

I love to draw portraits but do not always know how to fill it with an interesting background.

I did watch free Drawing Academy videos and they are of high quality and teach basic skills and more, so I really would like to do the whole course.

Artwork by Karin Kuilman

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