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Art by Nicolas Luna

Art by Nicolas Luna

Capturing the Sublime

I was born in New Mexico but I grew up in Old Mexico, in Puebla. My father is a quantum physicist, my mother a literary editor and writer. I was always stuck in the middle of cultures, being neither truly Mexican nor truly American. Art was and continues to be, my refuge, where I attempt to find peace in paradox.

I majored in Art and Cultural Anthropology at UCSC, but aside from a printmaking class, did not learn much because the professors there believed firmly that learning to draw well was no longer relevant. In my heart I could not agree, and so eventually dropped the art major and only majored in Anthropology. Ever since then, I have been teaching myself the skills I need, from books, practice and from teachers I seek out all over the world. However, it was not until recently, and especially after watching Drawing Academy videos where the value of traditional drawing skills was explained, I have become convinced that I have much to learn yet. So much that I am almost overwhelmed by it.

Art by Nicolas Luna

I am impressed by the clarity with which the drawing techniques and teachings are delivered in the sample lessons I have been able to watch. Already, I have learned valuable things from these lessons. I can only imagine how much I would learn from the whole course!

I would really like to win the Drawing Academy course because I currently don’t have the funds to pay for it. I work in Thailand and, although I make enough to live well here, the cost of this course equals a third of my monthly salary here.

I am not asking for charity. I hope to win this course on the merit of the sketch I submit, and if I do not win this time, I shall try again another time. I only mean to say that I would definitely be a very good student if I was to win the course.

Thank you very much.

Nicolas Luna

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  1. Nicolas Luna says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’d really like to win this drawing course! So if you think I have potential, then please give me a “vote of confidence” ;)



  2. Manuel says:

    I have known this guy for 14 years. I spends hours every day drawing with honesty. His definition of living has merged with his definition of art.

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