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Art Competition

Seeking excellence

Story and artwork from Michel de Longue Epee

My name is Michel, I am a Frenchman from Canada, I work as a technician in the Aircraft industry.

I’ve been drawing since I was a child. Drawing has been for me the most faithful friend of my life. It never let me down on good days and bad days.

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The Godfather Panda

Story and artwork from Silvija D.

Greetings everyone!

My name is Silvija. I work as a preschool teacher. At my work and in my life and free time, I often use my hands to make something. I can sew by hand and with machine, knit, crochet… People around me would say that I’m a crafty person. Me and my hands did hundreds of items for me or for somebody else.

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Pink Passion

Story and artwork from Arey Ricardo Gutarra Inga

My story: I draw since I was a child, I painted walls, Funny story recovering my sketchbook bc I was drawing at class. I draw since I have memory. I used to draw every place and every moment I even drew on the walls with crayons and colour pencils. Drawing has always been with me. I remember that one day – at school – I was drawing in my sketchbook during the class and my teacher saw me, so she took my sketchbook. I felt bad that moment, but I need to recover My Precious. That day, when I finished all my classes, I waited for my teacher to go somewhere so I could take my sketch. The teacher went to the bathroom, so I quickly and as silent, as I could, I went to the teacher’s desk, took my sketchbook and ran away as fast as possible. That was exciting and a little bit dangerous, but I recovered what I wanted.

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Rise of a New Generation

Story and artwork from Mohammad Irshad

Drawing has been something I think of have enjoyed since the first day I picked up how to draw book when I was in Primary School. I really have been fascinated with the medium for a long time however I felt alone because in my family lineage most people entered the field of Engineering so I wasn’t able to relate to anyone.

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Close to the Wolga

Story and artwork from Willy van Dregt

You already know my name: Willy. I am living in the Netherlands. I paint everyday, mainly watercolor. My drawing skills are not that good, so that is my biggest challenge.

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The boy

Story and artwork from Gerhard Laubser

I am 40 born in SA. Art has a big interest in my life and finding something unique is always on my mind.

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Story and artwork from Ralph Nicoloff

Essentially, what I do is capture an actual moment or event about me or someone else in conversation and capture it as an art piece!

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Angela’s portrait

Artwork by Anxhela

My name is Anxhela.

I am currently studying architecture. Painting is one of my greatest passion and joy in my life.

I have always try to challenge myself in new experimentations in painting to find out how my true art is.

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I’m shadow. Art takes half of my life. It is challenging and I would like to improve my drawing skills. I want to learn fundamental techniques that are taught in the Drawing Academy course.

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