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Art Competition

Art of Old, Old Master Traditions

Story and artwork from David N. Corrado

I am an artist from northeast Pennsylvania. At a young age my grandfather introduced me to the art of drawing and painting. My goal is to create inspiring works that could be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Fresh, Vibrant Art–Locations, Women, and Flowers!

Story and artwork from Susan Brown

Painting and drawing have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. My work relies on color, form and pattern, in that order. I work in acrylic, oil and watercolor. I especially enjoy painting in acrylics for the boldness of the palette options and ability to add texture to my paintings. However, the flow of watercolor offers freedom and “happy surprises,” adding to the immediacy of my paintings. Oil gives me the ability to add depth and fluency. 

I’ve been seriously studying portraits for the challenge and ability to portray human emotion.

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New Life in Retirement

Story and artwork from Colin Kelly

I am 67 and believed all my life I couldn’t draw.

Something grabbed my attention when I realised drawings are built up in layers.

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The Painting Apprentice

Story and artwork from Maria Wegorzewski-Grotek

The Drawing Academy was like meeting an old friend whose return I have been waiting for all my art life.

Paint not blood ran in my veins. my painting and drawing were as natural to me as breathing.

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Celebrating Celebrities thru Art

Story and artwork from Brian W Smedley


My name is Brian Smedley and i am an Artist. I have a commissioned drawing in colored pencil in a magic show theatre. It has been appraised at $600.

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Shading and sketches

Story and artwork from Catherin

My name is Catherin and I am a person who was not much interested in art, but recently during hard times art sometimes took the place of an escape.

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Story and artwork from Kirsty Kay-Russell

Hi, I’m a self taught artist and someone who wishes I could do this every day!

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From rags to artist!

Story and artwork from ANGELIQUE STEFAN

My name is Angelique Stefan. I am a self taught artist that is eager to advance and learn more. Art is a dream coming from a young woman who was raised in an impoverished environment.

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I like drawing

Rafah Kirata

I like drawing since I was 4 years old. I am interior designer and need to get the Drawing Academy art course to improve my drawnig skills.

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