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Art Competition

I Love Drawing to Explore and Communicate

Drawing and story from Eleanore Ditchburn

Making and sharing art is a central part of my life. The ability to create art is a fundamental way of communication between the artist and the viewer which I treasure.

My challenge when making art is to nurture creativity and hone my skills to express my ideas in an inviting way for the viewer. I only wish I had endless hours to spend creating art.

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Dumbledore Lives

Artwork by Wendi Macpherson

Hello to all reading this and thank you in advance for your time. For me art is therapy. I say this because I am on forced retirement from work due to multiple health concerns. Drawing and creating allows me to drift away from the pain and hopelessness that chronic illness brings. I started drawing when I was diagnosed about 6 yrs ago. At first I could hardly hold the pencil but I was determined to persist. Learning to draw and producing portraits that people recognize gives me back a sense of accomplishment and self worth. Anyone with or who knows someone with chronic illness will understand this. I share this information not so people will feel sorry for me but to emphasize the importance of art in my life.

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Catherine Field

I started painting when I retired a year and a half ago. I was surprised to see what I could do, really loving it and how it relaxes me.

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Artwork by Ruben Jasso

Beauty and the Beast

I’m The real Ruben Jasso I did not have any models for these drawings. Art takes a high place in my life. My challenges in art are to draw life like drawings oF things I can not see.I want to learn 3d perspective.

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Artwork by Marlene Martin

My Handsome grandson Ryder

I have been drawing/painting for the last 30+ years. Art provides a freedom of expression in a very special way. I have attended various courses over the past 30 years and I am now working solo as a new stage in my life.

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Hard Thinking

Artwork by Charles Gilliam

I was born into a military family. This offered ME an opportunity to travel and see much of this country. These travels afforded ME a great source of materials on which I have based my illustrative works; and provided me insight into his new vocation, writing. With three children of my own, I have only added to my resources for illustrations and writings. Plus, many years of working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, I have found myself in a position of determining images and words to sell an idea.

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Life is beautiful

Artwork by Eleonora DRAGOMIR

Art is for me a religion, is thee place where I can sublimate my feelings and elevate my soul, it gives me love, trust and understanding for myself and for the others.

The challenge is that professionalism does not mean only a sincere and elevated expression of feelings and stories about life around you. Professionalism in visual art means to use a language of expression already known and cultivated by other artists and to be able to make a large category of public to like and understand your message.

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An Artist Trying To Find His Way

Drawing by Timur Awais Latif

I’ve been drawing for my pleasure since childhood, regrettably however, I have never sought to better my art professionally. I hope this can be a chance for that.

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