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I want to draw anything I can imagine


My name is Leif Sohlman and I live in the city of Enköping (Enkoping, Enkoeping) Sweden.

I would like to learn to draw before it is too late, I am old and shaky in my hands but still like to learn new things.

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Life is Expression

Artwork and story from Mark Wm Smith

I’m a lifetime learner now in my 60s. My current occupation uses those haphazard and motley life experiences that led to it, while giving me the opportunity to counsel others with a modicum of wisdom.

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Inspired by the Old Masters

Artwork and story from Mary

Hello, I’m Mary!

Since my early childhood, I have visited many museums and galleries, and I have always been impressed by the work of great Renaissance and Baroque painters. I enjoy gazing at the smallest details and the wonderful use of colours and tones.

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Nature is the Art of God

Artwork and story from Bindiya

Hello, My name is Bindiya.

Art is my passion. I like to draw with graphite pencils, charcoal, paint with oils and acrylics.

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Mt. Bisoke

Artwork and story from Mutabingwa Ronald

This art piece that I made was inspired by a dream I had about three important iconic individuals that is Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Bean and William Shakespeare.

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I enjoy drawing people

Artwork and story from Bluey

My name is Lehlonono and my artist name is Bluey, I am 19 years old and I am an aspiring fine artist from South Africa. I love fantasy, especially dark fantasy my all time favourite movie series is Harry Potter and my all time favourite show in Miraculous Ladybug followed by Arcane. love pastry and chocolate. I’m also fascinated by all things technology and I listen to pop music with a touch of every other genre. I also enjoy playing a video game called The Sims.

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