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Art Competition

Artwork by Carmela Lorusso

Work in progress

My name is Carmela Monica Lorusso

I am a creative artist from Rozzano in the province of Milan. In my life, art occupies the first place. The objectives that I set myself is the exploration of new mediums and artistic supports to combine them with the ancient artistic techniques that I would like to learn in the field of art.

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Artwork by Yasmeen Shaikh

There is always something to learn from every artist

Art helps us express our emotions & feelings on canvas. I am a self taught novice. As a child my parents didn’t have enough money to send me to a special elementary class for children with artistic capabilities though my school teachers had suggested it. Lack of money always pricked me, reminding me that even skills you wish to develop come at a price. Recently however I shelled out some money and decided to pursue my hobby rather my childhood dream. I bought canvas, oil paint, easel, brushes etc all the basics needed to start painting. Uploaded is a sample of my first oil on canvas still life painting.

Since I am just starting off, I have come to a realization that there are a lot of techniques, terminologies, methods to learn.

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Duomo di Orvieto

Artwork by Aaron Tsosie

I am an architectural designer on path to become a registered architect. In college, we learned the basics of hand drawing during our first year. We spent half our time drawing cacti and free handing perspectives, and the remainder of our time designing and drafting. Though we had all spent a year drawing by hand, our education was loose and we were left to discover the fundamentals of drawing on our own. After that first year, most of our courses and drawings were done digitally.

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Artwork by Sobouhi Arif

I am a Fine Artist based in Karachi-Pakistan who works in drawing, painting and crafting. I am, an alumnus of University of Karachi, was awarded Gold Medal for securing 1st Position in MSc. – Applied Physics(Electronics). I was initially employed as an Application Engineer in a corporate but later, drove my career towards the art world due to deep passion in it.

At early age, I brought out my talent by carving candles and indulged in as a self-taught artist. Gradually, I have been involved in refining my skills through various certifications, training and workshops from multiple institutions.

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Watercolor by Aaron

I want to win to polish my art skills


I have been drawing and painting since I was ten. Art has a very special in my life I draw and Paint almost all day. I want to learn how to continue to improve my drawing and painting skills. I think the Drawing Academy is the best school to learn to draw or paint in the classical styles. I want to win the Drawing Academy course because I want to polish art goals in every way.

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Drawing by Maria Pazos

Drawing by Maria Pazos

With Open Eyes

I have drawn as long as I could hold a pencil. I used to pester my parents to ask me to draw something and drew my own paper dolls. I knew I would have a career in art, but realities of the job world led me towards graphic design. Now I feel the pull to, once again, draw everything I find beautiful in the world. Art takes a central part in my life. Curiosity is a huge part of making art so I am always learning and exploring: new techniques, new materials and new avenues to pursue.

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Artwork by Maggie

Standing Outside in the Cold just to Draw a Hallway

I am an art and design college student. I’m still deciding what careers I should pursue.

I usually draw at home and at art studios.

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