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In these Drawing Lessons, you will discover the process of the “Leda and the Swan” creative composition creation.

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Drawing Lessons

The Drawing Academy course presents various ‘how to draw’ drawing lessons. This is one of the last drawing lessons for you to enjoy in this course. We are working on a new video series that will be beneficial for your fine art development. Keep in touch and subscribe to our mailing list to find out when new drawing lessons will become available.

Drawing Lessons
In the Drawing Academy video course, we talked a great deal about various drawing techniques, media and methods. Now, I want to say few words about a realistic representation of the world in your art.

Although, majority of the Drawing Academy drawing lessons were dedicated to realistic drawing approach, your art can be different. Making realistic drawings is not always about realistic representations.

For example, the subject of this “Leda and the Swan” artwork is mythological, however this figurative composition is created as a realistic artwork.

You ability to reinterpret subjects and create totally new innovative pieces of art is important. That is what makes you unique as a fine artist. While you might decide to portray something that look similar to its original, you always have a creative freedom to put your personal touch to any subject, it shows that you have great perception skills and pencil control.

In several drawing lessons, I have already mentioned that going hyper-realistic is not the best way of making an artwork. Hyper-realism is just one of many drawing styles. You may choose to be more creative that to perform a function of a photocopier.

Always remember, that drawing what you know is more important than copying what you see. Eyes are peripheral part of our brain; the reality is not as it seen. We re-interpret what we see and loose focus on many things, which our brain perceives as less important. When you learn critically look on a depicted object and break it so you could see into lines, curves and angles, and three-dimensional wireframe, you will be able to draw anything you see, think or imagine. Such ability comes with practice, as stated in the old saying, “Practice makes perfect”. Put some effort into your drawing lessons to get the best the Drawing Academy has on offer and your drawing skill will improve with the time.

It is important to draw bot from the nature and from imagination. You can practice drawing from life as well as drawing from memory. Drawing from memory and drawing from imagination are just skills that can be learned. Like any other skill worth acquiring, drawing from memory and imagination also requires practice and determination. Have you noticed that every time you draw the same thing it comes a little different? With every attempt you’re improving your drawing skills.

One last note: have fun! You are guaranteed a better result when the process is enjoyable experience. Make yourself comfortable when drawing, watch Academy’s drawing lessons to get inspired and motivated! With a little hard work, determination and help from the Drawing Academy tutors you will begin to see the difference in your drawings!

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