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Art Competition

Art the passion I live by

Story and artwork from Henry Ikiseh

Right from my childhood, I have always loved the art, but not with a vision to be an artist due to pressure from my dad who wanted me to be an engineer. I was forced to explore the sciences. But all of my quest in the sciences could not hold me back from my passion. In desperation, I sort various artists who could teach me how to draw. I paid a little stipend in return, even though I had no money to pay, I would save up some money from my daily pocket money to pay for their services. Their charges were too expensive for me, so, I stopped and began to practice drawing on my own.

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I Don’t Want To Hide Anymore

Story and artwork from Sarah Salinas

I’m a college freshman currently majoring in animation. Art has always been a part of my life every since the second grade where I’d have 3 composition books filled with comics, inspired by the “asdfmovies” by TomSka. Even now I see art in everything and how Nature has made such a beautiful work of art in life.

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Belle Starr: Western Bounty Hunter

Story and artwork from Grace Garner

Hello, I am Grace Garner, I’m 16 years old from Jefferson City, Missouri. My dad is a fine artist. When I was young I would watch him paint. He would let me draw on the backs of canvases, and this is when I first started drawing. I consider art my passion, just looking forward to drawing, looking at art, or anything art related inspires me! Art has helped me so much in life and is practically my own personal therapist. I am inspired by my mom, who sponsors why passion, my sister who enjoys art, my dad who is my personal art critiquer, and Walt Disney, who is my idol.

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I want to be a painter

Story and artwork from Sandra Sepúlveda

Art is my life. When I was little, I spent my days sailing between paintings and when I was 9 years old, in front of a Picasso painting in Madrid, I said to myself “I want to be a painter”. I decided from then on that I wanted to dedicate my entire life to giving people the same feeling that art gives me.

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A little boy dream

Story and artwork from João Chagas

When I was a little boy all I want was copy my father drawings because I wanna be like my father. Sooner I realise that make me feel good about myself.

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Drawing by Bruno Godoy

The important thing for me to offer an experience to the senses

Hello, my name is Bruno, I’m from Mexico.

Many people I know take for granted that drawing and painting is a Hobby. When they enter my workspace they are surprised to observe the chaos of drawings and paintings everywhere until they reach the ceiling or my collection of materials, that is when they truly understand my passion for Art.

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The vision of the mind

Artwork and story from Prosper Mupfumwa

My name is Prosper Mupfumwa, i am a young ambitious man, currently a student. I am a self taught artist who finds art as a way of life, a companion, a save zone to express your thoughts and art is a thing of beauty with vast meaning.

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Sandra Sobral em Telas

Drawing and story from Sandra Sobral


My name is Sandra. I have been drawing since my childhood, when I used to copy letters from the newspaper before I even knew how to read or to write, as my mother usually tells me smiling.

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