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Art Competition


Story and Artwork from N V Ravi Kiran

My name is Ravi Kiran and I am HR professional based out of India which is a land of culture and arts. I am very passionate about art as i believe its a form of meditation which allows and builds saneness in humans.

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Jujutsu Kaisan

Story and Artwork from Hardik Singh Panwar

I am an boy from India. Drawing and painting are the hobbies I love. Art has a important place in my life since I try to express myself through my art. There are definitely a lot of challenges I have, like is this proportion correct or Am I doing it right, what if no-one is able to understand what I drew.

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Lady in the light

Story and Artwork from Philip Fairbairn

My name is Philip Fairbairn I am an artist, I paint oil on linen. I have been involved in art for over 50 years. I have never been a big fan of art studios or contests really. When I finish a painting most times it’s just disappears, One of my daughters have found it. Later on, in a visit I usually see it hanging on the wall. A few times I have tested them by painting large paintings 4‘ x 4‘ when it’s finished I just chuckle and walk away from the easel wondering where they’re going to put this one. Some paintings they cannot obtain these are the ones my wife will not let them touch.

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Everything I imagine could be real

Story and Artwork from Ezra Brosoto

I’m Ezra, I didn’t quite visualize myself making art growing up, not until I have been inspired by two of my classmates during high school. It was 2016 when I started doing art, but I didn’t take it seriously, I was just doodling, drawing and sketching randomly rarely every month. But I still had the strong interest in art, that’s why in 2019 I resumed on doing art on a more regular basis, and it kept going on to this day.

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Akbar Art

Story and artwork from Ali Akbar Haghshenas

The art is from life beauties and from my view of the art of achieving the realities of the universe and its recognition and effectiveness …

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Artwork by Eyuel Kassu

Story and Artwork from Eyuel Kassu

Painting is one of the most important things in my life because not only can I enjoy painting, but I also want to become a famous artist and to share my knowledge of drawing school with those who do not know.

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Late Bloomer

Story and artwork from Janice Kutzner

My name is Janice and I am a mum of three children. All through my twenties I was busy with my kids and didn’t really do a lot for myself or following my own interests. Now they are that bit older and less depended, I started having the urge to follow my innate creative passion. On the wing I bought a lovely set of pencils just over a year ago.

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Nour Kamil

Story and artwork from Nour Kamil

I love drawing a lot since I was a little girl. I tried to learn drawing and develop my abilities, but I always fail in that because I do not know the right direction to start with.

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