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Art Competition

Artwork by Charlotte

Art is a Conversation with Yourself

I have been drawing off and on for some years. until recently I started getting into painting and different medias. And realize art has endless opportunities, and that is what keeps my drive for art to keep going.

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Artwork by Edward Reed

I am a retired professional engineer and have comparatively recently taken up art again. From childhood I have been interested in art and have just found a watercolour I did at age 10, and think it shows some understanding of the effects of light on a subject.
At school I ‘did’ art but completely opted out after my English/Art teacher aggressively criticised something I was working on.

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Painting by Ina McClelland

Beautiful Trees in Kenya

I began painting 10years ago. I fell in love with Art while I was in Rome. I visited the Vatican and Trevi Fountain. After which I flew to Paris and visited The Lourve. I have travelled a many places while I was in the Airline Industry.

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Artwork by Charles Gilliam

Artwork by Charles Gilliam

Every image tells a story

I am a retired professional graphic designer and illustrator. Over the fifty years I worked in that profession I worked to create illustrations that sold a product or told a story. After retiring continued to paint images that allowed my viewer to write their own story as that looked at each of my paintings.

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Drawing by Adriaan Simpson

My Artist Wants Out

Art has always been a part of my life. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My great uncle was a wood worker, both of my parents can draw and all of my brothers and sisters can draw. When I was around 13 or 14, my father brought home a book he had picked up in Florida. It was “Faeries” by Alan Lee and Brian Froud. I was completely hooked! This book indulged my curiosity and lit a fire inside of me. I drew from that book religiously. However, I could never render my own images as well. I still can’t.

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Artwork by Sandra Myers

A 100 for Bruce, inspired on sharing the knowledge with all human beings!

I am an art and film lover, I have been painting since I was a little girl. Art is part of my life and yet I feel I will be always learning something new.

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Drawing by Gregory Rhodes

Heaven awaits

I am 85 years young, a self taught artist largely. I like drawing faces. And I am presently enthralled with the color theory lessons of the Old Masters course and eager to apply. What a unique find!

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Artwork by Evernus WIlliams

The Seven Shadows of Man

I’m a 38 old artist from St. Louis Missouri. I have been an artist since I can remember as a child. Recently I lost two of my 6-foot pieces of art in the floods that came in Arkansas, and I am trying to rebuild my art.

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Artwork by Papalia Anne

When I walk in my garden

Art is all my life, the challenge is to express my feelings with high level of quality drawing. I want to learn old drawing and paintings techniques.

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