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Art Competition

Contemporary Master

Drawing by Sue Marie

Hello there, I’m Sue, and I am currently a college student studying art.

To me, art is a careful cooperation of acquired skill and personal expression. Throughout my life, I’ve always felt a strong need to create artwork, both for the sheer fun of it, but also because I wanted my ability to improve. It wasn’t until college that I realized and ultimately decided that I should strive to make a career of my passion.

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Artwork by Victoria

She dwells in spring time

I’m an artist who loves to create 24hrs a day. Drawing since the age of 5 and now 50. I see life as a master piece.

Finding my style was discovered when I stopped looking and started feeling.

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Art sincerely

Art sincerely

Drawing by Claudia

I studied art decades ago but after becoming a mom I stopped doing it. My kids are old enough now that they don’t need me as much and I’m running out of time to sharpen my skills.

I missed art tremendously, its a part of me and I cant live without it anymore.

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Artwork by Kaitlyn Halverson

Letters from a Lover

I am a hard working mother of three children. After my husband’s cancer diagnosis I felt as though I needed something positive. Oil pastels have had a special place in my heart since I was a kid.

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Artwork by Janet Reed

I left the career I loved in law enforcement and became self employed. Giving up my career was a horrible transition for me. An incomparable loss. Art has taken my mind away from what I have lost and to a new place. A place of joy and laughter. I found a child hidden in the adult. I had no idea that kid was still around.

Something made me start drawing a year ago. I kept at it. I literally burned hundreds of pieces of paper that I hated to every one piece of paper I kept.

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Watercolor by Paola Young

I would love to get back to drawing again

Hi, I’m Paola.

I use to draw when I was younger, than life got in the way and now that I have more free time on my hands I would love to get back to drawing again.

I’ve always had an interest in art, but haven’t had the confidence to commit to a structured art course. Until now. Upon visiting the Drawing Academy site and exploring what you have to offer, I knew this course was for me.

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