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Art Competition

Sharmila’s Art

I am an artist, forever in a quest to learn more from others, discover more of what I can do myself and share further what I know. I believe that artists great or small were never made by their own learning alone, but a cumulative effect of interacting with fellow artists and their own take on things that they discovered in the wondrous world around them.

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Loving her baby

Artwork by Linda

I am retired from my profession, so now have time and energy to put into art expressions.

I like to try new ways to express art, so sometimes I only learn the basics and don’t improve over time.

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Angi art

Story from Angi

I am Angi. I am a web designer living in Boston, MA.

I love art especially oil painting, and I want to become a true artist.

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Saiprasshant Artist

Artwork by Sai Prasshant Paladugu

Hi, I am SaiPrasshant fom India. I am a Journalist.

Painting and drawing is my passion. I am a self learner.

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