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Art Competition

Collaboration between mind and hand

Prashant Shrestal

As you might already guess art plays a very important role in my life. I’ve been drawing since i could remember. I was introduced to art by my brother who helped me with my art homework by teaching me to draw any cartoonish figure by splitting it into 9 parts sort of like drawing gridlines.

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Portrait of Instant Mood

Artwork and story from Spencer

I like to make portraits of people in a close to classical style. Art is like a meditation for me, I can clear my thoughts. In art my challenge is mainly color, I don’t like to use it and haven’t got very much practice in it. I would like to learn how to create an emotionally compelling piece of art.

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Mehrzad Dastyaran

Picture from Dastyaran

I am an assistant with the artistic name of Mehrzad. I have been doing art for more than 30 years and I have a master’s degree in painting and illustration. Art is the food of the soul.

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Varsha Gupta

Artwork from Varsha Gupta

This is Varsha Gupta, lover of art. Art is my love. Through art, I feel everything beautiful.

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Story and Artwork from Marco Vinicio Pacas Miranda

I have been drawing since I was 7. Never had a formal art training/schooling.

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Story and artwork from Alexander

I want to learn everything, and draw a comic book with every page looking like a masterpiece.

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Story and Artwork from Lokesh Rajput

Hi everyone

I am Lokesh Rajput from Mumbai, India.

Art have a great place in my life I think if I will not draw i will feel something missing in my life.

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