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Art Competition

Art adventurers

Story and artwork from Salma Elsawaf

I have been drawing for 6 years. Art is like my stress reliever and my passion. My challenges In art is to not despair and keeping on trying to improve of my self. I want to learn how to draw in aclyrics better.

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Lynda Freeman Fine Art

Story and artwork from Lynda Freeman

I’m that person you all know, the one that could’ve, would’ve, should’ve and never really did. I’ve been trying to self pearn all my life, I’m now in my 50s and can’t believe I’ve left it so long to further my education with some proper tuition.

I have always loved to draw and paint and get twitchy if I don’t create something regularly. I have produced art for people that they have been happy with but to me it is never good enough. I lack confidence and fear criticism but I know to progress I need to face this flaw in my personality. Being creative isn’t a choice for me it is simply something I need to do, without it everything is grey.

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Peter Somlyai

My name is Péter Somlyai.

I learned the profession of a carpenter, meanwhile led by the painter József Rácz in the Fine Arts Circle 6 b. with pencil I developed my drawing skills with charcoal in watercolor and painted with pastel chalk. I worked as a decorator in the canning factory in Nagykőrös.

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A dream that isn’t

Story and artwork from Angelique Nagovskaya

Art confronts and informs. Rather than avoiding controversy and conflict, it challenges established beliefs and often shapes our understanding of others. It also possesses a compelling capacity to make people see – and reflect – in deeper and more compelling ways.

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I want to draw like the old masters

Story and drawing from Abdalawhab Ahmed

Hello, I am Abdel-Wahab. Unfortunately, I study mechanical engineering, because of my family’s pressures and their dissatisfaction with my desire to study art.

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Eslam saif-Elnasr

Story and artwork from Eslam saif-Elnaser

I’am an Egyptian art student, studying at the faculty of fine arts in Cairo. Art is like an island for me that I live on alone I make beautiful for people to look at and enjoy.

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Artwork by Dimitra Papageorgiou

Story and artwork from Dimitra Papageorgiou

I am from Greece. I graduated from Anatolia College American High School. Then studied at the Department of Tourism Management in Technological Institute of Thessaloniki. The last 25 years working in tourism and specifically as a manager at small hotels in Chalkidiki. This job gives me the opportunity to be close to my great favorite – the sea. The sea with perpetual motion of the endless blue was the source of my inspiration.

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Steps to Glory

Story and artwork from Abiodun Fagorala

My name is Abi, I Started drawing and painting at an early stage of my life while in Africa. I grown up to find my relevant and purpose in Arts of drawing and painting. my status change when I started traveling out of Nigeria for arts competitions and even representing my country in youth competitions.

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Drawing by Wilfred Hinneh

Father trying to calm his Daughter down

Hello, l’m Wilfred Hinneh. I went to Dormaa Senior High and graduated as an art student. I have worked in so many field of art and l have an experience in all field, examples are: Fine art,Designing, Leather works, etc.

For so many field of art I have worked at but the one which have take in my life more is the Fine art and its about Portrait drawing.

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