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Art Competition

Graphite drawing by Marco Cardona

Hello my name is Marco Cardona, I am 34 years old, I live in Guatemala, since I was a child I liked to draw, I started drawing the cartoons I saw and as an adult I began the interest in fine arts or traditional or academic drawing.

Art in general for me has become very important in my life and helps me to capture on a canvas or paper, what I see or what I imagine and put a part of me in every artwork I do.

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Garden baby

Artwork by Monique Raath

My name is Monique, I am 20 years old and I love doing art. Art is a amazing way to express myself and maybe even others emotion. Art always gives me peace of mind and is very relaxing. I espire to be a animation design artist, I hope to learn how to draw body proportions properly and draw what I see.

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Sobouhi Arif

Artwork and story from Sobouhi Ashraf

An artist inverts his/her observations into canvas, craft and performance that does not only reflect creativeness but also society’s believe / culture / trend.

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Renaissance Self Portrait

Artwork and story from Angelica Candido

Art was a lost and found passion of mine, lost during the times when I felt that art didn’t matter then joyously found again when I started to create with a purpose and clear vision. The style of art has changed in the course of the years but the freedom of self expression through gestured lines remains. And that’s the beauty of art-to touch another soul with the use of visual symbols. I was always a quiet one and art gave me the space to express my creativity.

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Artwork and story from Steve

At the age of seven I started taking pictures of bridges. I don’t know why exactly but they held a fascination for me. By the time I was twelve I was consumed by a passion for maps and drawing my own maps put me in a place other than the reality of a world I was not enjoying. I had few friends and preferred reading and going to art galleries.

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My Artistic trajectory

Artwork and story from Džozef Bosch

Like many artist through history I subscribe to a multidisciplinary approach to art making. I find that there are so many possibilities and so much potential for creativity in today’s world that it is our duty as artists to put the pieces together and make sense of all this materials at our disposal.

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Following a dream

Drawing and story from Olga

Hi there! My name is Olga and I am a beginner artist. Since I was a child I loved to draw and to observe the world in its natural shapes and colours. During the last few years I ended up pursuing other fields and only now I feel like I am ready to come back to my oldest dream.

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A journey back in time

Artwork and story from Carmelina Fauteux

I have always drawn since I was 6 years old and I had a portfolio of drawings. In college my professors never showed any classical techniques they were abstract artists. Today I teach art to 2 small schools in NH. I am a scribe for the SCA, a medieval educational society. I have been doing award scrolls for them. I used to do just the illumination, but started to practice my calligraphy on recreating a Beastiary.

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Passion deserves everything

Artwork and story by Sarah Elsebai

I’m a self taught artist, started painting on stones 4 years ago then I decided to leave my work as a free lance translator for philosophical books in order to be a full time artist.

Now art is my life I feel it’s like an ocean that I can never reach its end but I enjoy exploring it.

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