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Artwork by Wilfred Sessoms

Artwork by Wilfred Sessoms

Boy With Blue Egg

I have enjoyed drawing and painting since I was a child. I use to draw a lot but had stop when I had my first child which caused me to turn my attention to supporting my family. I would still paint a portrait from time to time but I wasn’t able to give it the time that I would have liked to give. Since both of my children are on their own raising their families, I have turn my attention again to drawing and painting. I enjoy painting portraits but the skills that I would like to acquire through the Drawing Academy classes in the ability to draw and paint scenes in perspective that tell a story.

If I was to win the Drawing Academy course, after completing the course I would like to illustrate children books and paint large canvases depicting scenes relevant to today’s social climate.

When I graduated from high school I applied for a scholarship to attend Suracuse University for Fine Arts and was granted a full scholarship but because I had became a father I declined the scholarship to instead work and support my family. By winning this course I will get the training that I missed.


Artwork by Wilfred Sessoms

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