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Artwork by Karolina Jurikova

Artwork by Karolina Jurikova

My feet will carry me (to that place)

My name is Karolina Jurikova and I have dreamt of being an artist ever since I was a child, with the use of magnets and weak print paper which I pinned to the refrigerator and played pretend of painting my very own masterpiece, child’s watercolours and all included. I wanted to continue drawing during my teenage years, but my parents gently advised me not to go down that path so I gave in and went for studying in other fields. I have not been happy – I did not have time for drawing and painting at all, completely absorbed in my studied thorough my teenage years and early twenties. Finally, I have dropped out of University and pursued design. With a help of my sensible professors, I slowly shifted my focus on art again, and as of now I am trying to set myself on the right path again and learn to paint and draw properly. My parents have also caved upon seeing my real happiness when it comes to art. And thus, I would love to enroll in your course and strengthen my knowledge of art, patch the holes in basics and add to my small but growing skillset. I hope that if I receive people’s vote, I will be able to deliver art that people will enjoy and a message that will speak to many – so they can see my growth and pursue of true passion via my paintings.

Artwork by Karolina Jurikova

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