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Story and drawing from Amrit Thapa

Story and drawing from Amrit Thapa

Art is my passion

I’m Amrit Thapa, an 18 years old guy from Nepal.

I’m in love with Art. I can still remember the first drawing at the age of seven and winning in the weekly drawing competitions. I believe art is everything for me. At the beginning, it was my hobby, but now I want to extend to a professional level.

The first challenge for me was to find the necessary drawing materials in my area. Even though in the capital city, it is very hard to find art materials like pencils, papers and kneaded erasers. The next challenge was to find a professional art school. There are very few art schools and they are teaching kids how to express yourself, rather than fine arts. So I had the only option – to learn online. I found some online tutors, which teach how to draw from photos and tips to improve drawing skills fast, but they are not giving basic and full knowledge. By following them, it is hard to draw from any angle, perspective or imagination.

To sharpen my skills, I was looking for a place which is not only a teaching class, but also an interactive and fully supportive community. Drawing Academy offers it all. I’ve learned many things just by watching free demos, now I believe I can raise my level much higher with help of the full course.

Story and drawing from Amrit Thapa

The main problem to reach my goal is my financial situation. So if I win this course I could achieve what I want – to become a skillful fine artist.

If you vote for me, I can not only be a fine artist but also can contribute to the entire world of art.


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