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Portrait drawing by Cassiano Grandi

Portrait drawing by Cassiano Grandi

Help art express my soul

My name is Cassiano Grandi, I am Brazilian and I live in Sao Paulo. The art is manifested in my life since childhood, when my teacher father corrected tests and I drew on his side. I’ve always been in love of drawing, painting and music. At 15 I started my career as a model, which touched my interest in photography. At 20, I started my first jobs as a photographer and makeup artist, which are my main profession to this day. My days are quite run, I work and live to learn more, because the fashion world and very competitive, which requires a continuous updating. Today I’m 32 years old, I feel the need to have a take a time to myself…breathe! Then the desire for drawing and painting resurfaced. Unfortunately our country is experiencing a crisis, which makes it unfeasible investments, which makes me study by myself.

I discovered the Drawing Academy watching some videos on youtube, which made me very excited! It would be a dream to have access to the course, which would help me to find myself in the world of drawing and painting. From what I saw in the video, is a very serious course and brings results.

Portrait drawing by Cassiano Grandi

Well, I would ask for the vote of everybody; winning this course means a lot to me. I always ran after my dreams, I study alone to become someone better, in my job and as a person as well.


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