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Painting by Rowena Tam

Painting by Rowena Tam

Orange Is The New Black

This is my first monochromatic painting, which was inspired by Anders Zorn. He was one of Sweden’s foremost artists (1806-1920). I always admired the magnum opuses of the old masters as well as Zorn. They are a continual source of inspiration.

I am submitting my latest piece of oil painting in the hope of receiving appraisal from professional critics. For my work, I used orange hue to focus on the details of the images and the effect changed by the light source. In order to create striking atmospheric effect, I changed the value and the saturation of this painting.

Everyday, I am dedicated my drawing and painting skills in the hope of expanding my portfolio. Therefore, any relevant comments will be most welcomed. Thank you

Painting by Rowena Tam

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