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Painting by Rajesh Pillai

Painting by Rajesh Pillai

Robert De Niro – Portrait

I am 47 years old, a business man by profession with an Engineering background from India. While I have never pursued art in my earlier years have always been interested and fascinated with the subject. The maximum I had tried my hand on was on doing pencil sketches.

In the recent past, I got diagnosed and was getting treated for multiple health issues (brain and hip joints) which restricted my physical movements which was when I decided to pursue art strongly to keep my mind and attitude positive. I started early last year with sketches, water colors and by mid last year tried oil portraits. I have never had any formal training but with the guidance of an artist friend and some reading and online tutorials started focusing and putting more efforts on my work and have completed several paintings by now which includes portraits, still-life and landscapes. Art has made me a completely different person now. I have become more optimistic towards life and my health has improved much more than what even doctors envisaged.

The portrait of the actor Robert De Niro is my first oil painting done. Its very close to my heart for the same reason.The portrait gave me a lot of confidence that I can do more and more. The challenge I have is lack of technical skills and hence would like to get my basics & fundamentals stronger and to enhance my capabilities.

Drawing Academy seems to conduct well-planned courses focusing on details helping students improve their skills. Precisely the reason why I would like to win this art course in this art competition.


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