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Painting by Marie Ange

Painting by Marie Ange


Hello dear friends. Its Marie Ange again.

I thank all who voted for me in the just concluded Spring drawing academy competition. Though I didn’t win to be part of the academy this time, I still have my dream in front of my eyes. That dream is to learn drawing from a world famous academy so that I can in turn teach art to the many talented street children whom my husband and I minister to each week. We have established art clubs across the city streets of Nairobi and rescue centres and through art these children and young people can have a better livelihood.

Through selling my art I can support our feeding, accommodation, education and reintegration programs of the street children and families.

My drawing above is actually from a photo I took of John and his little sister Faith sleeping in one of the footbridges over passing a busy highway in Nairobi. They are among many street children who live and sleep on the streets and have need of alternative care. That’s what we are seeking to provide.

Please help me achieve my dream by voting for me.

My joining the academy will help me do better drawings, which can sell better to support our work. I also want to one day start a drawing academy in my native Madagascar, which will in turn help many upcoming young artists.

Together, we can make this dream come true.

Please vote, vote, vote.
Thank you

Painting by Marie Ange

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So far I have received 1285 votes. I need Your help!

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This Post Has 12 Comments

    • Marie Ange says:

      Thank you Rajo and Nivo& Gitata lsaka for your encouragement.lt mean a lot to me.God bless you all

  1. Nivo says:

    Your painting is so beautiful and what you are planning to do with the street kids is just amazing! God will be with you through this really commendable enterprise! Alefa Voahangy a!

  2. Nivo says:

    Really beautiful painting Voahangy! And your project is amazing! God be with you throughout its realization!

  3. Gitata isaka says:

    Its so touching to read your article and see your perseverance. You are doing a very commendable bobbin giving hope to the hopeless and forgotten poor people. Your spirit of never giving up has motivated me to arise and get back on course in some areas of my life where I had given. I wish you all the best and pray that you win this time. I’ve voted for you and will ask all my friends to do so. Be strong & courageous.

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