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Nude Study

Nude Study

Drawing by Ronnie Rayner Larter

Originally I used a lot of soft blending with graphite pencil, but since becoming a member of the Drawing Academy I progressed onto hatching and cross hatching, which was a new and interesting avenue for me. However, even though the academy seems to frown the technique soft blending graphite, I have kind of ignored that teaching and also taken on board the idea of hatching. I now use a combination of soft blending and hatching to achieve the effects I need. Does it work well or not? Feedback would be welcome.

Nude Study

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  1. Marianne says:

    It would be interesting to do another rendering of this same subject and pose and just use the hatching method of rendering. This would give you a clear visual sense of the qualitative difference between the two. While this one looks quite nice, it may be that the one using only hatching might give a more elegant and finished quality to the drawing. I find that the smudging makes her skin look rather rough on her chest and breasts. I am new to the hatching technique and I am surprised to find even a drawing of geometric objects look so beautiful with the hatching. It’s taking me a lot of practice but I feel the effort is worth it. Hope this is helpful!

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