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Mount Rushmore Drawing

Mount Rushmore Drawing

Artwork by Mike, Drawing Academy student

I have been drawing some to practice! I have good results but need to capture a true likeness of subjects! I am enjoying the lessons very much! I am going to attempt silver point and have ordered a silver stylus and a bottle of ground!

Mount Rushmore Drawing

Also I am staring at a 24 x 48 canvas that I plan on composing a painting by actually drawing the contents so it will be an original of mine and not something someone else has done!

Art is my compassion that keeps my mind busy! I highly recommend the three courses offered as I have enrolled in all three!

http://drawingacademy.com – How to Draw whatever you see or imagine

http://webartacademy.com – Oil Painting video course

http://anatomymasterclass.com – How to Draw human figures and portraits

Thanks for the knowledge learned so far!


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