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Free Drawing Lessons - How to Draw a Model

Free Video Lesson

How to Draw a Model

In this video, you will discover How to Draw a Model by watching the creation process of a realistic life model drawing, presenting step-by-step direction on how to draw a female model.

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Free Drawing Lessons - Creative Drawing

Free Video Lesson

Creative Drawing Technique

In this video, you will find out how to make creative composition in graphite media.

Natalie Richy presents the unique process of creating the “Leda and the Swan” composition.

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Free Drawing Lessons 2 - Drawing-Academy

Free Video Lesson

Golden Section Ratio

This video presents the divine formula that rules fine art.

For centuries, the golden proportions of a human body have fascinated fine artists. This video will reveal universal principles present in nature, science, and art.

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Free Art Books:

Drawing Mistakes to avoid - Drawing-Academy

Free eBook

12 Biggest Drawing Mistakes Every Fine Artist Must Avoid

Download this 29 page illustrated book by Vladimir London.

This report uncovers the most prevalent erroneous beliefs about drawing, and gives practical advice on how to avoid them.

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Free Drawing Lessons 1 - Drawing-Academy

Free eBook

Albrecht Durer – De Symmetria

Download this exclusive book by Albrecht Durer which dates back to 1532!

83 pages with Albrecht Durer's illustrations of human body proportions – the 'Must Have' History of Art resource.

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