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Critique My Artworks

Where is the line between copying and creating?

Questions by Johann Krammer

johann-krammer-drawingDear Drawing Academy Team,
A few months ago, I became a member of the Drawing Academy and always enjoy returning to this course. Your last video “Drawing from Photos vs. Drawing from Life” has confused me a little. I think many artists draw from photos. Unfortunately, we are not all Nikolai Blokhins, and we use your course to improve our drawing skills. The point that gives me a headache now is this: Where is the line between a realistic representation and the exact copying of photographs?

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Please comment on my drawings

Artworks by Susan Morin

susan-morin-drawings Dear Vladimir,

Would you please comment on my drawings? They are my first from-life drawings in a long time. The second is a drawing with the graphics pad and tracing image software that helps me get the likeness right. Should I stop doing this? …

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