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Drawing by Tonderai Muzah

Drawing by Tonderai Muzah

Quest to be a classical artist

I have been drawing since I can remember. Art has always been a passion for me, helping me through depression, giving me a sense of worth. Art is journey for the more I learn about my self and life, the more it reflects in my art. I studied art in secondary school then I Graphic Design in college. I found graphic design unfulfilling. So I decided to quit and to do freelance art, though people generally like my work I feel I could be better, I have lots of ideas but they are limited because I can’t execute them. In the last few months I have decided to push myself, but i feel like I need guidance from a teacher.

I believe the Drawing Academy will help me realise my full potential. I want to study with the Drawing Academy because I want to be a fine artist, not someone who copies photographs, but someone who draw and paint from their imagination and create good quality work. I’d like to take my work to the next level. I will eventually study all the courses Vladimir London is offering, because to be a painter I must go back to the foundation of drawing.

Drawing by Tonderai Muzah

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