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Drawing by Margie Harper

Drawing by Margie Harper

Art to Recover and Restore

I am a 56-year old wife, mother, grandmother and high school counselor. In the past year, Old yearnings from childhood have been stirring. I used to want to be an illustrator! Somewhere around 10 years old, I discarded my interest in drawing as I viewed it as impractical and not able to provide an income – plus I wasn’t good enough. My perfectionism paralyzed me. It was easier to not try than fail.

Now I’m older and wiser, and I see that drawing is a healing, calming and productive endeavor for me. I recently started a beginning drawing class in my community. Long atrophied ways of seeing the world are beginning to wake up. Even music is starting to inspire color and images for me. I would like to learn to draw what I see and imagine drawings in a way that is perceivable and accessible to others.

I would like to win this art course to nurture and cultivate my original desire to create. My hope is to discover my inner artist, and give myself a second chance, and awaken the creativity within me. Thank you for considering me.


Drawing by Margie Harper

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