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Drawing by Kelley Schafer

Drawing by Kelley Schafer


My name is Kelley Schafer, I’m fourteen and live in Alberta, Canada.

I have been taught art by my mother, and taught myself through videos online and practice. I’ve always wanted to create things that make others happy and proud. I would like art to take me far in life, and keep me thriving as a person. I really would like to learn how to draw realistically and more life-like, like other great artists my age.

A big challenge that I have in art is that I am not confident and would like to become confident by learning more.

I think Drawing Academy is a very great idea and would help any person a lot in their drawing abilities. I would like to win because recognition and learning is all an artist needs to thrive.

I would love if people voted for me because I am fourteen and want to have a career in art.

Drawing by Kelley Schafer

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