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Drawing by Jermaine

Drawing by Jermaine

Beauty in nature

The visual arts has brought me through 37 years of life. It kept me occupied as a young child, and has given me a career goal as an adolescent. Today, it is what I must do to stay alive with my sanity in order. Throughout my journey in life, I have always wanted the ability to draw like the old masters do. To have the technical clarity to express myself in any way, shape, or value is more than a desire. It is a need that I have neglected for to long.

After graduating high school, I tried art school, which crush my development. I was not given any tools to render correctly and thousands of dollars wasted. In my early 20s, I decided to switch to dance as a form of expression truth? I did really well as a dancer but drawing and painting was all I thought about. After graduating college with a BA in dance a serious injury happened,which change my life. I could no longer dance however, I have remembered my passion was always art. In 2015, I decide to find ways to grow in my artistic abilities. I stumbled soon this website, and I was blown away by the level of technical mastery. I wanted to be At this level however illness has prevented me from working.

Drawing Academy has given me faith that I can learn this process. I want to create artwork that is meaningful and truthful. There is no reason to re-create what is already in front of me or try to add to it. It is my journey to render life and light, which will bring joy into my life. is mice is what I think as an artist.

Drawing Academy has everything I need to get on the path to greatness, and winning a scholarship would mean everything to my career and sanity.

This rose represents the real beauty that I hope to be find in life and showcase in my art work. I am a hardworker and I am dedicated to pursuing technical proficiency.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on the art side.

Drawing by Jermaine

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