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Drawing by Cyril W Pereira

Drawing by Cyril W Pereira

Cyril’s Passion for Art

Hello All,

I am Cyril W. Pereira from Mumbai, India. Art has always fascinated me ever since my childhood days. I worked around my burning passion by doodling, and sketching whatever my imagination focused on during the moment.

The old Masters, Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer, Gauguin and Van Gogh have exerted a profound influence on me and to such an extent that I want to specialize in the hyper-realistic style, human anatomy which is my favourite subjects. However, my innate versatility has ensured that I am comfortable with working in any style.

I works in the corporate sector in Information Technology as an IT Consultant and lives in Mumbai with my wife and an eleven-year-old daughter.

I think Drawing is a fundamental basic to be a Master Artist and I believe Drawing Academy is a complete package for specializing in drawing skills and learning new techniques.

I need to win the Drawing Academy Course as I will improve my drawing skills and entertain people through my Art Works.

So Please, Please, Please vote for me to win this important competition.

Thank you :).

Drawing by Cyril W Pereira

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