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Drawing by Atiba Kojo

Drawing by Atiba Kojo

Move to the next level

I am an older guy really returning to my Art. I have an art degree but I feel like I need to do more studying of a human figure, since my work mostly figurative.

Being away from creating really showed me that big part of myself was missing in my life. So I have returned and after over a year of just getting back to where I was. I feel like I need to take my studies further.

I want to drawn faster and more accurately and feel more comfortable with my proportions. I want to move up to the next level.

I like the Drawing Academy course because it is designed to help one become a complete artist and that what I strive for.

Drawing by Atiba Kojo

I don’t have time nor the need to go back to “school” I learn on my own anyway. Voting for me will help to move toward my goal of becoming a selling successful artist

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