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Don’t put years to your life, put life to your days

Don’t put years to your life, put life to your days

Artwork by Juan Felipe Molano Rodriguez

Artwork by Juan Felipe Molano RodriguezMy name is Juan Felipe Molano and I’m a student in Bogota Colombia.

I have always loved to draw but it was the moment when I grabbed a camera and took a trip to a small town and I saw this elder woman who just seemed like she just enjoyed life, she inspired me to go home and draw her. I know it might need some improvements, but it is my first long scale drawing, although I did put the best effort into it. I hope you enjoy it!

The Drawing Academy course has already helped me a lot to improve my drawings, I really like it.

I want to win the full drawing course because this way I can prove to myself that I’m actually good at drawing and also that if you put effort into something you can accomplish many things.

Please vote for me because this piece is one of the best efforts I have putted into something and would be awesome if someone else would enjoy it the same as I did.

Please vote for me:

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Claudia P says:

    Excelent painting! You are a real artist Juan Felipe. Congratulations. You have my vote… no question about it!

  2. Kelly says:

    Excelente representación del grupo poblacional más olvidado de nuestro país. Te felicito por tan lindo homenaje

  3. Francisco Guzmán says:

    Voto por Juan Felipe Molano. El rostro de la anciana es muy bien trabajado y expresa cierta nostalgia que impacta
    Francisco Guzmán

  4. Camilo D says:

    Really impressive!!! What an expressive piece.
    You definetively have my vote. Congrats. I really hope you continue developing your talent :)

  5. Miguel Florez says:

    I love the message and the meaning of the painting “don’t put years to your life, put life to your years”

  6. jimena_pena says:

    Inspiring and with an impeccable technique. As an Art Curator I look forward to work with you in the future. Congratulations Juan Felipe!!!

  7. Lourdes Romero says:

    Excellent Juan Felipe!! You catched all the feeling that ypu wanted to express in your drawing! What a talent!! Congrats!

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