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Artworks by ShinyB_art

Artworks by ShinyB_art

It is time to get serious

Hi to all!

well, I’m an Israeli girl that has passion for art over my 20 years of living.

My parents are very supportive- I even had a small exhibition of paintings at the age of 6 which made me really proud.

But now- It’s time to get serious.

I want to spare my time improving my art skills and think that the Drawing academy course can give exactly that.

If you relate to the saying: The e-A-R-T-h without ART is “eh..” you’re just like me. and so ART for me is: A-Astuning, R-Reachable (while persisting hard work and self belief), and T-The end (Therefore just get your paper next you, again and again, and once you do that, with the cool understanding that this is all a process of improving your abilities to give this paper of yours some life- you will manage to do so spectacularly more and more over practice.)

ART opens our mind and imagination and lets us reach to higher levels of communication (messages/thoughts/emotions) and beauty. I think that improving the skills to do so while getting good feedback is really satisfying. Actually, this is valid to any creation you put your effort into (even a cake).

Anyhow, for me, ART is the most favorite.

I haven’t had a good opportunity to do this before, and so winning this course will be my Anchor Point once I finish my duties.

Thanks for your time, never stop going forward to achieve your GOALS!

Artworks by ShinyB_art

All the best,

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