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Artwork from Enrique Rodriguez

Artwork from Enrique Rodriguez

The knowledge of all things is possible – Da Vinci

I am an 18 year old boy from Monterrey, Mexico, who loves art. I play the piano sing opera and draw. I wish to study art till the end of my days. Oh! And I love to eat.

I still do not know clearly, what place art takes in my life. Nevertheless, as I perfect my art, art perfects me. I believe that art has the power to change people for good and for bad. Therefore, I am shaped by art into a better person, and through art I shape others.

I believe that art itself is a challenge, therefore my challenge is art; I wish to master art. I wish to learn all that which the masters of the past teach us.

I believe that the Drawing Academy is a place were one can be guided into mastering the art of drawing, with the perfect idea of what art should be, and should not be.

My art teacher, despite of being a master, can not teach me everything there is to know in art. Furthermore, In art one can never learn enough, therefore the more I learn the better. For this reason I wish to win the Drawing Academy course to expand my knowledge in art.

Artwork from Enrique Rodriguez

People should vote for my intention, which is to shape those who take a minute of their life to look at my art into a better person.

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