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Artwork by Sonia Duffie

Artwork by Sonia Duffie

Old! Colorful! enthizing! Like wine!

I am a Colombian woman living in the United State of America. Worked for many years in various industries, and I never knew that I could draw! My husband said “You make very interesting doodles!” I was unemployed and needing a hobby. He bought me a kit, sketch book, pencils and boom! I got hooked. I knew of many relatives that could sketch and paint…me? Never!

So, that is how three years ago, art entered my life, making me feel tranquil, at peace, and a dreamer! My worst nightmare is perspective. I want to be able to see something and paint it, the way it should be, the way people will relate to it. I want to be able to feel confident showing my paintings.

I like the Drawing Academy because it shows people’s drawings and their progress. How they learned and how proud they feel about it after taking this course. The Drawing Academy have very detailed explanations on how to do things. I want to win this course because it would mean to me that I am OK. That I do have what it takes to do this! People should vote for me because they like my potential, my interest, my passion and my love for learning!


Artwork by Sonia Duffie

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