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Artwork by Robyn L Jackson

Artwork by Robyn L Jackson

Charcoal Lights a Fire in Me!

Ever since I was a little girl I admired, yea, even envied my younger brother’s natural drawing abilities. He could stop on a dime and sketch something quickly that would blow your mind. Stick figures were my best effort and I believed that I could never be an artist because I wasn’t born with the talent.

In 2015, I had begun to paint with acrylics and quickly realized that drawing was a necessity and began to apply myself to learning with a fresh mindset. I LOVE painting and that passion fueled my intent to learn to draw.

Today, I am amazed at myself, and the lie I once absolutely believed. I’m still a novice with much to learn, but having dispelled that myth has given me the motivation and enthusiasm to continue to study. I think perspective and portraits are the most challenging for me and I would like to conquer those aspects.

My goal is to create a series of paintings that tell the story of my inner journey and be shown in galleries.

I feel the Drawing Academy is a singularly exceptional resource, and offers a rare opportunity to be taught by experts who care. If I were to win this competition it would catapult both my drawing and painting skills, propelling me closer to my dream goals. I will not quit until I realize my dream! I thank everyone who views my entry and considers me for such a gift.

Artwork by Robyn L Jackson

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