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Artwork by Ramonita Badillo

Artwork by Ramonita Badillo

Ramonita Badillo is an aspiring artist who attended the high School of Art & Design in New York City. Earning a degree in General Illustration. Later attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Not using art for many years due to life responsibilities she is now retired and living in Florida and continuing her passion for Art.

Art is now a way of life and the first thought of everyday. Everywhere I look is a possible project.

The challenges are drawing the human body. Always intimidates me whenever drawing the body. Trying to get away with just perfecting the shading and colors, but the bottom line is being able to lay down the foundation of your structure.

Learning how to drawing the human body will push my boundaries and force me to get over my fears.

Drawing Academy looks like the foundation that I need to do what I dream about and that is learning to draw correctly.

Winning would help with my motivation and passion for this wonderful trait and telling all my fellow would be artist to give Drawing Academy a try.

Artwork by Ramonita Badillo

We need to add a bit of color and creation to the world. Why not start here. Thank you for your vote.

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