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Artwork by Prachi Mohanty

Artwork by Prachi Mohanty

Prachi’s Fine Art Gallery

I am Prachi Mohanty, student of class 9 studying starting in Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir dharmavihar Bhubaneswar. My father always says that every person in the world as a inherent talent within himself given by the God from the childhood and everybody should try to explore his or her inherent skills to enjoy the life. So he insisted me to have a good practice in drawing and painting because I have also a good level of interest in drawing and painting besides this I have a good ambition to share my knowledge and skill with others who are in this field. Hence I have an ambition to be a good drawing Teacher to enable poor students to be a good at this field.

I want to learn color pencil drawing techniques.

Drawing Academy is a good platform where I can grow my skills in drawing.

Artwork by Prachi Mohanty

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